Even though you bought this report to learn specifically how to “sip away your wrinkles” using the special drink recipe, you might like to know about the many other health benefits of the two main ingredients – gelatin and coconut oil. Think of these benefits as a nice bonus for taking the Sevets WrinkleErasing.

Drink twice a day, as recommended. Benefits of gelatin Supports skin, hair and nail growth Speeds healing of cracked or brittle nails Helps keep hair shiny and strong; can help hair grow faster and longer Good for joints; helps in joint recovery Helps tighten loose skin everywhere Improves digestion. May improve cellulite Good source of protein, with amino acids (especially lysine) that help build muscle May help in weight loss as it contains an amino acid (arginine) that aids in metabolism. Stimulates the mmune system Is a natural anti-inflamatory Benefits of coconut oil.

Helps slow down the effects of aging Improves cardiovascular problems; is “heart healthy”
Can prevent sunburn Reduces cholesterol.

Reduces abdominal fat (this has been shown in a carefully controlled study that was conducted with a group of women who consumed 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day for 12 weeks).Helps relieve stress
Aids digestion Helps relieve kidney problems May help lessen high blood pressure Strengthens gums and teeth; helps prevent periodontal disease Strengthens bones Used as a conditioner, helps regrows damaged hair Boosts thyroid functioning Reduces health risks associated with diabetes Kills bacteria that cause ulcers, urinary tract infections and throat infections Provides a source of quick energy
By boosting endurance, it can enhance athletic performance Reduces symptoms of pancreatitis
Provides protection against osteoporosis Reduces inflammation May help protect against certain types of cancer Helps relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue.Has been found to dissolve kidney stones in some instances Applied topically, it reduces symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
Relieves dry and flaking skin Pevents age spots Helps in controlling dandruff Prevents or reduces stretch marks during pregnancy Prevents or relieves chapped lips Fights athlete’s foot.

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