Having two cups of the Sevets Wrinkle-Erasing Drink every day can perform wonders by working from the inside out to deliver collagen to the skin, where it can begin reducing wrinkles and preventing new ones. To speed things up a bit you can also attack those wrinkles from the outside in, using our good
friend coconut oil.

Just take the coconut oil and apply it liberally to your face, being sure to rub it in to the skin. Use an extra amount on deep wrinkles and creases. If you’re a woman who uses makeup you already know how to do this, but I want to make sure my fellow males get it. The best technique is to use two fingertips to make small circles all over your face as you gently rub in the coconut oil (or any cosmetic or cream that you want to penetrate as deeply as possible).

I do this at least twice a week. Doing it three times or more a week, or even daily, presumably would be even better. The only limit is your time and your budget, as obviously, you will go through your supply of coconut oil faster this way.Even if you applied coconut oil to your face every day, though, it would still work out to be less expensive than almost any other wrinkle-erasing procedure you could name. And many of those expensive wrinkle “cures” don’t even work!

The thing about collagen is that if you’re deficient in it, your body will send it first to where it’s most needed. Some people have a deficiency of collagen in their stomach linings. Naturally, when they begin supplementing their diet with collagen – in the form of gelatin, for instance – that’s where most of it goes, leaving little or none for the outer skin.

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