I’m convinced that the Sevets Wrinkle-Erasing Drink will do wonders for anyone who gives it an honest try, regardless of his or her other dietary and general health practices. On the other hand, I feel there are things you can do that can support and even speed your progress in preventing and eradicating
lines and wrinkles.

Other Benefits of Gelatin and Coconut Oil

Even though you bought this report to learn specifically how to “sip away your wrinkles” using the special drink recipe, you might like to know about the many other health benefits of the two main ingredients – gelatin and coconut oil. Think of these benefits as a nice bonus for taking the Sevets WrinkleErasing.

Facial Booster

Having two cups of the Sevets Wrinkle-Erasing Drink every day can perform wonders by working from the inside out to deliver collagen to the skin, where it can begin reducing wrinkles and preventing new ones. To speed things up a bit you can also attack those wrinkles from the outside in, using our good
friend coconut oil.