I based the Sevets Wrinkle-Erasing Drink on coffee because I drink a lot of coffee anyway, and so do millions of people around the world. It also about the easiest thing to add gelatin and coconut oil to because of its heat factor.

If you’re not a coffee fan, or just want a different way to get your daily dose of gelatin and coconut oil, you can try some of the following. Or just experiment on your own. You might come up with even better alternatives!

Remember, the basic idea is to consume two packets’ of gelatin (or the equivalent amount, if you’re buying gelatin in bulk) and two tablespoons of coconut oil a day. As long as you observe that “rule,” you’re OK. Also, you don’t have to consume the gelatin and coconut oil together; use them in separate
recipes if you like. With those guidelines in mind, try one or more of these: Make the drink with hot tea instead of coffee. Make the drink using instant hot chocolate. (My only concern would be the amount of sugar or artificial sweetener you would be consuming if you always made it this way.)

Make a smoothie in your blender and blend in the gelatin powder and coconut oil with other ingredients such as fruit and yogurt or milk (in this instance I think the coconut oil and dairy product will work fine together). Stir gelatin powder into a cup of flavored yogurt. Since yogurt is already somewhat thick and gooey, you shouldn’t really notice the extra thickening provided by the gelatin. Stir coconut oil into a cup of plain or vanilla yogurt. Voila! Coconut flavored yogurt!

Make a homemade gelatin dessert, using your favorite 100% fruit juice. The Knox® Gelatine boxes usually have a recipe for this on them. Pop popcorn in coconut oil, then drizzle some of the melted oil on top.

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